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List of ALL our Songs

We have a multitude of songs that we perform live. Most of these songs are cover tunes that were written by other artists.


However we also have originals.


Each band member is responsible for knowing how to play EVERY song.

Set Lists

Set lists are defined songs that are to be played together (usually in the order that is listed) in the setlist. 

There are many setlists. Each list is designed for a specific genre and/or Venue.  You need to be familiar enough with each set list so that when a specific list is called, you know what you will be playing.

Members Contact Info

We have a core set of  Musicians and Singers that make up Hosea's State of Mind.

Each Musician and Singers contact information is contained in this list.

Contact Hosea

To send a message to Hosea that only he will see, Type your message here

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